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Patric Hornqvist to have disciplinary hearing for hit on Tyler Seguin

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After we spent much of last night speculating on it, it appears that Nashville Predators forward Patric Hornqvist will indeed have a disciplinary hearing for his elbowing major and game misconduct on Boston Bruins' rookie Tyler Seguin in last night's win over Boston. Per Nick Kypreos of Sportsnet:

#Preds Hornqvist has scheduled #NHL hearing today regarding head hit on Seguin.

Obviously, more on this as it breaks, but keep in mind that Zdeno Chara had a disciplinary hearing but was not subject to further discipline.

"I haven't seen the replay, so I can't say," Seguin said after the game. "I saw him coming down and I was bracing myself for a hit, then I felt something, and it kind of hit my ear."

That doesn't really tell us much, so take a look at the video:

"When I watched the replay, Hornqvist had his elbow out and then as he goes into Seguin, he brings his elbow in, and actually puts the brakes on and sort of turns," Preds head coach Barry Trotz said. "When I looked at it, I really didn't think it was a penalty."

What say you? Should Hornqvist be suspended for this hit?