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Crispy's big weekend overshadows Preds loss - Monday's notes

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Set aside the disappointment from last night's loss for a bit to celebrate just how wonderful the game of hockey can be. Over the weekend, Preds color man Terry Crisp got to enjoy something truly special, as his young grandson Kale (who has cerebral palsy) got to finally play some hockey, like Crispy's other grandkids. He tells this to the Calgary Herald:

"So, I tell you, Kale's on the phone that morning and he says: 'Coach, you can now say that every one of your grandchildren has scored a goal. 'Cause I scored a goal.'

"I said, 'Where?'

"He said, 'Playing sledge hockey, coach.'

"Trish (Kale's mom) comes on the phone and tells me they've signed him up for the sledge hockey program. Something none of us really knew existed. And away they went.

"I think that's the proudest I've ever been. For him to say, 'ALL of your grandchildren have now scored a goal, coach. You can be proud . . .' "

Terry Crisp softly shakes his head at the recollection.

"Like I wasn't proud of him before.''

For more on this story, and in particular the drive to provide more opportunities for disabled kids to compete on the ice, check out the Calgary Sun as well, then follow after the jump for your morning hockey news...

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