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The OTF Scoreboard Watch Continues...

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You've got an extra-good reason to stay out of the heat and watch today's Red Wings/Blackhawks game on NBC (11:30 a.m. Central), as it will, at long last, determine Nashville's opponent in the 1st round of the playoffs. Here's the deal:

  • If Detroit wins, the Preds finish in 5th and face Anaheim.
  • If Chicago wins in regulation or overtime, the Preds finish 6th and face Detroit.
  • If Chicago wins in the shootout, the Preds drop to 7th, and play San Jose.

Clear as mud? The complicated bit comes in if Chicago wins in the shootout, leaving Nashville, Phoenix & Chicago all with 99 points and 38 regulation/shootout wins. From there, OTF reader DonBorvio broke down the next tiebreaker in a comment last night:

Here's how it goes:

NSH had a possible 20 pts from CHI and PHX, which they earned 8.
CHI had a possible 20 pts from NSH and PHX, which they earned 15.
PHX had a possible 16 pts from NSH and CHI, which they earned 9.

NSH 8/20 = .400
CHI 15/20 = .750
PHX 9/16 = .563

We would be in 7th having the lowest percentage.

So... which result are you pulling for?