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Nashville media jump on board the Predators' playoff run

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That must've been one heck of an<a href=""> Ice Girl</a>...
That must've been one heck of an Ice Girl...

As Nashville Predators fans, we are conditioned to be somewhat sensitive to how the local news media cover the team. Heck, a good part of the reason that we've got 15-20 thriving Preds blogs is because of the unmet need among the hockey faithful here in Middle Tennessee for some lively hockey talk. But this week, we've seen a few organizations step up and send reporters along with the team to actually provide the sort of day-to-day coverage that fans have been craving for a long time.

So who's out there with the Predators in Anaheim?

  • The Tennessean sent Josh Cooper, and the Nashville City Paper sent David Boclair.
  • 104.5 sent Willy Daunic.
  • WKRN has Cory Curtis on the scene filing reports like this one from last night:

I, as much as anyone, have been willing to jump all over the local mainstream media when they either neglect or mistreat the Preds and their fans, so it's only right that we give a nod when they've stepped up and done the right thing, as these organizations are doing now. Be sure to thank them, and let them know that it's worth providing this level of coverage during the regular season, too!