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Friday is "Predators Playoff Pride Day" in Nashville

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On Friday, rock your workplace like it's Bridgestone Arena...
On Friday, rock your workplace like it's Bridgestone Arena...

Before you head home for the day, make sure to pass this one around to your fellows in the proletariat - the Preds are asking fans to gear up tomorrow in anticipation of Game Two, by sporting your Predators paraphrenalia to work. This, from the team:

It's Stanley Cup Playoff time in Smashville! With Nashville taking on the Anaheim Ducks in an exciting Western Conference Quarterfinals Matchup, presented locally by Fifth Third Bank, the Preds are calling on all residents of Smashville to show their support this Friday on Preds Playoff Pride Day, by donning their favorite Predswear. Jerseys, hats, t-shirts, face paint, playoff beards - nothing is off limits in Smashville.

"The Nashville Predators have been supported by their ‘Seventh Man' all season long, with the Smashville faithful lifting the roof off Bridgestone Arena night in and night out," Nashville Predators President/COO Sean Henry said. "Now is the time to take the ‘Seventh Man' out of the Arena and set him free in the office, at school and all across Middle Tennessee. Several local businesses have already pledged their support of Preds Playoff Pride Day by asking all their local employees to don gear bearing the likeness of their favorite Saber Toothed Tiger - and we couldn't be more excited for this fangtastic support!"

What's that you say? You just don't have enough Predators apparel to get you through what we all hope will be a long playoff run this spring? Well, then, head over to and start shopping! Right now they're running offers which include free 2-day shipping, and up to 20% off based on how many items you buy... and if you use this banner below, a small commission goes into the OTF vault change purse.

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