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Bobby Ryan suspended 2 games for stomp on Jonathon Blum's foot

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Anaheim Ducks star forward Bobby Ryan has been suspended 2 games this afternoon for his late game 2 transgression, a skate-blade stomp on the foot of Nashville Predators' rookie defenseman Jonathon Blum.

No, it's not April Fool's - someone has been given supplementary discipline for an incident against a Nashville Predator. In the playoffs, no less.

After the jump, video of the incident and comments from Barry Trotz, Jon Blum, Randy Carlyle, and Colin Campbell. 

Per OC Register beat writer Eric Stephens:

NHL suspends Ducks winger Bobby Ryan two games for foot stomp on Nashville's Jon Blum.    

It's Ryan's first suspension, so I'm a little surprised the penalty is so steep (although it is fair), but it's refreshing and presents a significant on-ice advantage for Nashville heading into Games 3 and 4. Bryan Mullen of the Tennessean reports these comments from head coach Barry Trotz: 

That’s one of the cardinal sins of our game. There’s no place for it … The only intent is to hurt someone. (Ryan) is one heck of a player. I’d like to have him on my team. He knows he did wrong.

From Jon Blum (again via Mullen): 

He just stepped on my foot. It didn’t hurt that bad. It was just more shock than anything. You just don’t see that. I’m not going to say it was a real dirty or cheap shot. Like I said, you don’t see that very often. Those skates are pretty sharp.

Finally, Ducks' head coach Randy Carlyle, from Eric Stephens

Carlyle said he was a "little surprised" at 2 games but said "there's no place in the game for that."    

Here's some video of the incident, while you can also take a look at an animated .gif:

From a historical precedent perspective, Chris Pronger was suspended 8 games in 2008 for stomping on Ryan Kesler's leg, while Chris Simon was suspended thirty games for similar action against Jarkko Ruutu, who now plays for the Ducks. 

Per the National Hockey League:  

TORONTO (April 16, 2011) - Anaheim Ducks forward Bobby Ryan has been suspended two games for a kicking incident against Nashville Predators defenseman Jonathon Blum in Game #2 of their Western Conference quarterfinal series on April 15. 

"The actions by Ryan were both reckless and dangerous," said NHL Senior Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell.  "While it was fortunate there was no injury to Blum on the play, the act of using your skate in this manner is unacceptable." 

The incident occurred at 16:35 of the third period.  No penalty was assessed on the play. 

Ryan will miss Game 3 and 4 of the series.