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Nashville Predators-Anaheim Ducks Game 4 TV listings updated

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Due to the Memphis Grizzlies' NBA playoff run, there has been some juggling of the Nashville Predators' playoff coverage on various TV outlets, and the latest channel listings just came over from the Preds. For Game 4 on Wednesday night (broadcast by FS-TN), the table below shows where you should be able to find the game. The one downside here is that due to the Grizzlies also playing that night, Game 4 of Preds/Ducks will not be seen on cable in the Memphis and northern Mississippi markets. Satellite viewers in those areas should be OK, but cable won't get it.

State City Provider SD Channel HD Channel
DirecTV 644 644-1
Dish Network 446 446
Tennessee Chattanooga Comcast Cable 33 401
Chattanooga Electric Power Board of Chattanooga 34 334
Knoxville Knology 31 986
Knoxville Charter 33 810
Knoxville Comcast Cable 19 401
Nashville AT&T Uverse 724 1724
Nashville Charter 33 N/A
Nashville Comcast Cable 28 183
Tri-Cities Charter 33 N/A
Tri-Cities BVU 28
Alabama Huntsville Comcast Cable 57 402
Huntsville Mediacom 29 832
Huntsville Knology 29 986