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Friday's News: California Dreams

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Today's Nashville Predators news and open discussion thread:

Game 6 will begin at 5 p.m. on Sunday after the Blackhawks won last night to come back to a one game deficit to the Canucks last night. That game can be seen on either Versus, or FS-TN if you are in the viewing area.

Here's a really sad story from Josh Cooper about the death of Jon Blum's twin sister that is guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye. Here's my favorite line:

Jonathon didn't exactly enjoy cooking, and Ashley wanted to be a chef, so Jonathon would always tell her, "When I make it to the NHL, you're going to be my personal chef."

Here's an interesting read, coming from FOX Sports West. While certainly biased toward the Ducks, it brings up some great points. Here's a taster:

Whoever scores first, wins the game. In fact whoever scores first, also scores second, and then wins the game. This series has yet to see a lead change in over 240 minutes of hockey. There have been significant shifts in momentum during games when the team trailing has come from behind to tie the score, but the trailing team has not once been able to seize the lead.

Paul McCann's pregame journal.

A plea from David Climer to Pekka Rinne to pick his game up. The last line calls tonight the "Biggest Game in Franchise History". I hate that phrase, because I believe the next game is always going to be the biggest game in franchise history.

Click past the jump to see a connection between Swedish royalty and the Predators.

Robby over at Hockey Night in Nashville looks back on one of the darkest days in Predators history : Game 5 of the Chicago-Nashville series, just 363 days ago. The team has repeatedly said that they have learned their lesson from that game, but we have to see it to believe it.

The title says it all. From Fang Faction, "Playing Dirty is the Only Way Anaheim Can Win".

Here's our favorite NHL mask artist,, with Pekka Rinne's new helmet for next season. It's really cool, featuring Nashville's skyline along the top.

This is a very unique mask in many ways. The Swedish Crown Princess Victoria helped me to paint one of the notes on the mask! Super cool Pekka thought, even though he’s from Finland and not Sweden... ;-)

Pekka wanted to celebrate the local HonkyTonk Nashville music and Nashville as a city on the mask. I created a completely new and unique design idea for the mask, and Pekka really liked it.

THN overviews the off-field dynamics that have already occurred in this series.

Adrian Dater discusses Teemu Selanne, Mike Fisher, and makes a prediction for the rest of the series.