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Nashville Predators win 1st-ever playoff series!

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With today's historic win at Bridgestone Arena (recap coming later on), the Nashville Predators have moved on to the Western Conference Semifinals for the first time in their history, finally breaking through after five previous attempts. But which team will they face? Since Detroit, the #3 seed in the West, has already swept Phoenix, it all boils down to the results of the other two series:

VAN beats CHI CHI beats VAN
SJS beats LAK Vancouver Detroit
LAK beats SJS Detroit Los Angeles

So, for example, if Vancouver beats Chicago, and San Jose beats Los Angeles, the Predators would get Vancouver. If Chicago and Los Angeles both win, it would be the Kings. The other two outcomes would have the Preds square off against their ultimate rival, the Detroit Red Wings.

Is there a particularly preferred or feared opponent here? The Preds went 2-2 against Vancouver, 4-1-1 against Detroit, 2-0-2 against San Jose, and 1-3 against the L.A. Kings. Feel free to discuss those possibilities below, as well as vote on your 1st round Predators MVP!