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Nashville Predators to meet Vancouver Canucks in second round

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After an exciting 2-1 overtime win by the Canucks in Game 7 tonight in Vancouver, the Nashville Predators now know that they'll head up to British Columbia to begin the Western Conference Semifinals later this week. Over the course of this season, the Preds went 2-2 against the Presidents Trophy winners, so there really isn't a psychological edge to either team here.

You can expect a boatload of preview material coming up in the next couple days, but what are your first reactions to facing the Canucks in Round 2? Will they be drained physically and emotionally after rescuing themselves from a humiliating 1st-round defeat? Or are they an all-around juggernaut that will prove too much for the Preds to handle?

You can get familiar with the Canucks by popping over to Nucks Misconduct, SB Nation's Vancouver blog.