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Get to know a Vancouver Canuck: Maxim Lapierre

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Playoff time in Nashville brings out the tradition of throwing catfish on the ice, and there's just an aesthetically pleasing counterbalance between the fast-paced rugged action of NHL hockey with the flaccid, almost fluid-like motion of a lifeless fish flopping onto the playing surface.

If you see something similar occur tonight in Vancouver, rest assured that it's not their version of that tradition (how would one sneak an orca into the game, let alone through it over the glass?), it's probably just Canucks forward Maxim Lapierre trying to draw another call from the officials.

Maxim Lapierre

#24 / Center / Vancouver Canucks



Mar 29, 1985



2010 - Maxim Lapierre 78 6 6 12 -14 80 0 0 0 3* 129 4.6

*League Leader

Follow after the jump as we learn a little more about the biggest diver in the NHL...

Remember during the first round when Anaheim Ducks general manager Bob Murray whined to the press that perhaps his team wasn't diving enough, and that's why they were losing the series? Well, Bob has only himself to blame for that, as he's the one who traded away Lapierre to Vancouver at the Trade Deadline. This year, only 32 Diving penalties were called across the entire league, and Lapierre is the only player who even had more than one (leading the league with 3).

Heck, last year in the playoffs he pulled off the incredible feat of getting whistled for diving twice in one game for the Montreal Canadiens, including this beauty against the Washington Capitals:

Here's another example of his handiwork, this time against the Pittsburgh Penguins:

So basically, watch out when any one of the Nashville Predators gets within arm's reach of Lapierre out there, he could suddenly go into spasms at any moment. It's a shame, really, because the guy can play, and contribute as a bottom-six forward in this league. But the flopping is really disgraceful stuff.