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Friday's notes: If Coach ain't happy, ain't nobody happy

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Coach didn't mince words after this one.
Coach didn't mince words after this one.

I don't think anyone outside of Pekka Rinne could be truly satisfied with their effort last night, and the Nashville Predators will need to bring a much more intense effort in Game 2. We've seen them rebound from sub-par efforts before, however, and earning a split in these opening games would still be considered as an advantage for the Preds.

For now, follow after the jump for post-game commentary from Barry Trotz, along with your morning links from Nashville and around the league...

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Nashville Predators News

First off, let's hear from the coach:

For recaps of last night's game check out The View From 111Preds On The GlassSection 303The PredatorialHockey Night In NashvillePredlines, and from the other side, Nucks Misconduct.

Predators over Canucks? Dean puts his ham where his mouth is | In Session
Nashville Mayor Karl Dean has made his bet with his counterpart in Vancouver. In a similar spirit, I've wagered $50 with J.J. Guerrero of Canucks Hockey Blog - if the Preds win, he'll write a check to the Predators Foundation, and if Vancouver moves on, I'll donate to Canuck Place (which is an amazing charity, follow that link and read about it).

Whaling & Gnashing: 'Nuck You, Canucks! | Pith in the Wind
Outstanding work by JR here...

Canucks and Predators - Game One Scoring Chances - The Copper & Blue
Here's a look at how the scoring chances worked out for both teams last night.

WILL (Part 1/2) | Pull My (Fang)Finger
AJ looks at how the head coach sets the tone for the Preds.

WILL (Part 2/2) | Pull My (Fang)Finger
...and in Part 2, shows how that philosophy helped the Preds persevere through adversity to break into new territory as a franchise.

Greatest Hockey Hockey History In Nashville
Joe Pelletier provides a brief note on the various pro teams which have played in Nashville and Vancouver over the years.

Windsor eliminated for first time since 2008; Ellis turns pro… | Section 303
Expect Ryan Ellis to man the Milwaukee Admirals blueline soon. This should be pretty cool...

Keith Ballard – serial clipper? - Nashville Predators Examiner
Jim Diamond breaks down one of the bad calls from last night, in which Keith Ballard caught Jordin Tootoo with a nice hip check, but called for Clipping.

Young Nashville Predator Jonathon Blum returns to scene of glory - The Tennessean
In the first round, Blummer played near his hometown. Now, he's where he enjoyed tremendous success in junior hockey.

WSMV also filed this report on the whole playoff beard tradition...

Around the NHL

Down Goes Brown: What went wrong? Excuses from the NHL's losers
Wow, the dig on Atlanta is brutal!

Let The Battle Begin: WCSF: Red Wings at Sharks (Game 1) - Winging It In Motown
Detroit and San Jose launch their conference semifinal tonight.

Puck Daddy’s 2011 Stanley Cup Playoff Round 2 Staff Picks - Puck Daddy
Only their resident stat nerd calls for a Nashville win. 

Cullen: Shots and save percentages into Round Two - TSN
One interesting, but fairly simplistic analysis pegs the Preds/Canucks series as the closest of the Conference Semifinals.

Breaking - Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg? - Matchsticks and Gasoline

We don't particularly enjoy speculation about franchise relocation, but this is a good overview of a situation which could result in the Preds moving into the Eastern Conference.

Tabloid Journalism - Are The Winnipeg Jets the Charlie Sheen of Hockey? - Bird Watchers Anonymous
In response, it's fair to point out that reporting on these issues is incredibly sketchy, because 99% of the activity takes place far from public view, and leaks to the press are usually made with a purpose in mind.

Sabres Injury News Released On Locker Clean Out Day - Die By The Blade
One of the great traditions in hockey is the injury disclosure which finally comes once a team is eliminated. 

Preds On The Glass: Top Three Hart Finalists Announced: Perry, D. Sedin, St. Louis
No Pekka? Meh...

Ruff gets contract extension - The Buffalo News
The only coach with more tenure than Barry Trotz looks like he'll stick around for a while.