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Western Conference scoreboard watch - April 6, 2011

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There are three critical games tonight on the Western Conference docket, and while the Nashville Predators cannot clinch a berth this evening, the results could have a huge impact on playoff seeding. 

St. Louis Blues @ Chicago Blackhawks: 7:00 PM CDT

Nobody wants the Hawks in the playoffs, right? Right. Let's go Blues. 

San Jose Sharks @ Anaheim Ducks: 9:00 PM CDT

A Sharks win (preferably in regulation) will keep Anaheim four points back of the Preds.

Phoenix Coyotes @ Los Angeles Kings: 9:30 PM CDT

Finally, the big one - this game must end in regulation for the sake of Nashville's home-ice hopes. If you cheer for anything besides a 60 minute game, make it the Coyotes. They're probably a better matchup for the Preds should Nashville find themselves in the 4/5 series. 

Discuss these and any of the rest of the night's NHL games below.