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The #10 Moment from the Nashville Predators' 2010-11 Regular Season: The San Jose Comeback

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To help tide us all over now that the Preds' season is complete, let's take a look back at some of the highlights from the season gone by. We start with #10, and will work our way up to #1 on a daily basis. - Dirk

Despite a solid stretch of play early in the season, there was some reason for apprehension heading into the December 15 home game against San Jose. David Legwand hadn't played in almost a month with an issue that kept being called "day to day", and Patric Hornqvist was scratched from the lineup at the last moment. The Preds came out looking pretty listless, as the Sharks took an early lead and Nashville tied it up only thanks to a tap-in by former teammate Scotty Nichol. Once San Jose took another lead (2-1) in the second, they looked to have things pretty much locked down, until the tables got turned in the final minutes of the third period...

That game was a pleasant surprise, because it looked sure to be a typical "forget about it and move on" type of effort until the Preds mounted that spirited comeback. As we'll see in future installments of this series, it was just one example of a recurring theme...