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EA Sports Releases First Screenshot From NHL '12

I don't know about you, but I think EA Sports' NHL games are the best sports games out there. We'll be doing a series of posts this summer about the upcoming NHL '12 video game, starting with yesterday's release of the first screenshot.

Follow after the jump for the shot and more...


You can click on the image to view full size, or even click here for an extremely blow-up version from Operation Sports.

Right off the bat, I can spot a couple of new features in that picture:

  • Obviously the first is the fact that the game shown is this year's Winer Classic between the Capitals and Penguins. While I really like the idea of adding the NHL's annual outdoor event to the game, there are a few problems that could arise. According to, 2K Sports exclusively owns the rights to MLB stadiums. So, with rumors swirling that next year's classic could be held at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, this could present a problem for this year's game. Will you only be able to play the game at Pittsburgh's Heinz Field and Buffalo's Ralph Wilson Stadium?
  • The second feature I can spot is the ability to collide with goaltenders in front of the net, and their helmets subsequently flying off. This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities with goaltender interference, a previously uncalled penalty in the game, and helmets coming off of other skaters, not just goalies.
  • The third one is the ability for the net to become dislodged due to a collision in front. Again this opens up the possibility of delay of game penalties being called as well. Will your player be able to simply skate into the net, and cause it to come off?

Some other features I'd like to see in next year's game would be some presentation modifications as far as the arenas are concerned. It would be awesome to see them add all of the arenas into the game, and make them true-to-life replicas like in just about every other EA franchise.

Another would be some custom crowd chants for certain players like they added this year in Madden '11. How cool would it be to hear Vancouver fans yell "Luuuuu...." when Luongo makes a save, or Tootoo whistles when 22 is on the ice?

Do you see any thing else in the screen shot EA released yesterday?

What other features would you like to see in the game?