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Friday's notes: Can Winnipeg really support the Thrashers long-term?

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As if the Conference Finals weren't interesting enough, the hockey world is abuzz this morning over last night's report by Stephen Brunt of the Globe & Mail that the Thrashers-to-Winnipeg relocation is "done", and will be announced on Tuesday. Given the number of denials which came within moments of that report, however, does that mean things are really any more certain than they were previously?

For my $0.02 (and I won't even charge you that much), I can't help but feel bad for the hockey fans in Atlanta, who were ill-served by incompetent ownership and management. Atlanta has a reputation as a lousy sports town, and that certainly doesn't work in their favor here, but you hate to see hockey taken away from anybody. As for Winnipeg? I have no doubt that they'll sell out every game for a while given the excitement over the NHL's return, but there are serious, reasonable doubts as to whether it can support a team long-term, with just under 700,000 people in the metropolitan area (by comparison, Edmonton is about 40% larger at 1 million). Nashville, has over 1.6 million, and is growing rapidly.

If the Thrashers continue playing like, well, the Thrashers... what will hockey in Winnipeg look like in 5 years? I wish them all the best, but it just seems like there's no safety net there.

Follow after the jump for more on that story, responses to The Hockey News columnist who cracked on Nashville yesterday, a look at the head coaching market which currently has 5 open jobs around the league, and a whole lot more...

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