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The #6 Moment of the 2010-11 Nashville Predators' Regular Season: Colin Wilson rolls through an Avalanche

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To help tide us all over now that the Preds' season is complete, let's take a look back at some of the highlights from the season gone by, working our way up to #1 on a daily basis.

As the Predators traveled to Colorado for a game on January 20, the team was on a roll, having won 8 out of their last 10 games, and having scored 4 or more goals in six of those wins. That night, they steamrolled the Avalanche 5-1, and while the game wasn't particularly critical or stressful, Colin Wilson uncorked a highlight-reel goal that we just don't see out of a Nashville Predator all too often; taking the puck near the defensive blueline, he blew wide by one defender, put an inside move on a 2nd, and avoided another sprawling Av who came across the other way before lifting a shot by a befuddled Craig Anderson to make the score 5-0.

Was it clutch? No.

Was it pretty? Hell, yes!

The question, of course, is how often we'll see stuff like this next season from big #33 (full highlights from that game included below, for some reason the individual play's highlight wasn't working):