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Weekend notes: Boogaard death ruled accidental, Atlanta bloggers begin goodbyes

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The intro is short & sweet today, but we've still got lots of news & notes for you to pour over this weekend!

Clearance hockey sticks an extra 15% off with coupon code at HockeyMonkey | Hockey Gear HQ
If you need to replace any hockey sticks, shafts or blades, this weekend is the time to do it... a special offer expires Sunday, May 22.

Nashville Predators News

Friday Face-Offs, 5/20/2011 | Hockey Independent
David checks in on a couple issues, and gives Ken Campbell a well-deserved kick in the junk.

Top 15 moments of the 2010-11 Preds season: #12 | Section 303
This was a fun one....

NSH: Postseason Press and Winding Down For Now | The Hockey Writers
Jas the shutterbug has all the views from the Preds' season-ending press day at Bridgestone Arena.

WC Wrap - What We Learned... - Fantasy Hockey Scouts
Preds prospect Craig Smith really turned a lot of heads with his effort for Team USA.

Radulov recognized as the most valuable - Eurosport
Run this one through the Google Translator, for news that Alexander Radulov won the MVP of the KHL for the second straight season.

TNJN - NHL: Assessing the Predators' offseason needs

Lots of holes in this one, but at least it looks like someone in Knoxville wants to write about the Preds.

Klasen Returns to Sweden; Other News and Notes; My Thank Yous! | Admirals Roundtable

Jason signs off on the season with a few closing notes. 

Around the NHL

Boogaard's cause of death: Accidental mixture of alcohol and oxycodone |
I recommend that folks head over and point out to this tasteless Ottawa blogger that he shouldn't jump to conclusions.

Sharks win vital game three, trail series 2-1 - Fear The Fin
They needed to win, and they did...

NHL move to Winnipeg 'a step back' - Toronto Sun
It's too bad the powers that be can't figure out how to put another team in the Toronto area, really.

Why Winnipeg is the perfect place for another NHL team - The Globe and Mail
...and just so you know, the owner of the Globe & Mail is going to be one of the principal owners in Winnipeg.

How to get to Winnipeg - Barry Melrose Rocks
A handy guide for those planning road trips.

Goodbye? - Bird Watchers Anonymous
These are sad days over at SB Nation's Thrashers blog.

Crawford Was The Only Real Option | Hockey Independent
Huet's in Europe, Niemi's in San Jose, Turco's done... what else was Chicago going to do other than sign Corey Crawford to a new contract?

It's Time To Acknowledge The WHA - The Copper & Blue
Harken back to those days of yesteryear...