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The #1 Moment of the 2010-11 Nashville Predators' Regular Season: Blake Geoffrion goes Boom-Boom-Boom

To help tide us all over now that the Preds' season is complete, let's take a look back at some of the highlights from the season gone by, working our way up to #1 on a daily basis.

One of our favorite story lines to follow all season long has been the development of Blake Geoffrion, the homegrown Nashville product with what is perhaps the greatest pedigree in the history of professional sports. The fact that he made a big impact at the AHL level and worked his way up to a supporting role in Nashville was enjoyable enough, but what he did on March 20 at Buffalo stands out as the highlight of the season.

Again, by this time, the Preds were in a bumper-to-bumper race for playoff position, and despite an opening goal by Boomer in the first period, the Sabres took over this game in the second, assuming a 3-1 lead which Nashville couldn't put a dent in through most of the third. During the waning moments, however, Blake scored back-to-back goals 64 seconds apart to complete his 1st career NHL hat trick and force overtime, where Martin Erat finished off what was the greatest (and perhaps most critical) comeback of the Preds' regular season.

So sit back and enjoy...