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Sunday's notes: Drop the puck, eh?

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While the hockey news around Nashville is coming in dribs and drabs, there's plenty going on around the league, as the hockey world braces for the Stanley Cup Final next week (Game 1 is Wednesday). Follow after the jump for a look at some stories to follow there, news of a potential NHL head coach heading overseas, and a new section of News & Notes dedicated to the upcoming NHL Entry Draft...

How to save money on hockey equipment during Memorial Day Weekend 2011 | Hockey Gear HQ
Need some new gear? How about some for a Father's Day gift? Take a look here before shopping...

Nashville Predators News

Sideline is concusseds' first line of defense - The Tennessean
Bryan Mullen takes a deep dive into the concussion issue, getting input from medical experts on how the evaluation process works.    

NHL stars lend support Special Olympic fundraiser - Global TV Edmonton
Shea Weber's back in his hometown of Kelowna doing good work...

NHL Entry Draft

Desjardins' NHL equivalence and the 2011 Draft - Habs Eyes On The Prize
A handy look at projecting this year's top draft prospects into expected NHL production.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins leads preliminary list for June draft -
Kevin Allen takes a crack at what the Top 10 picks might look like.

Nuge or Larsson? Larrson or Nuge? | Hockey Independent
Once again, the Edmonton Oilers face a decision as to whom they will take with the #1 overall selection in the NHL Entry Draft.

Around the NHL

Bruins Nathan Horton fined for water-bottle incident after NHL finds "additional facts," NHL's Daly says | Follow the Tampa Bay Lightning blog: Lightning Strikes | & St. Petersburg Times
If the NHL won't enforce the rules on the books, why not change them? Incidents like this are supposed to result in suspension, regardless of whether Game 7 in the playoffs is coming up.

Conflict of interest too big to ignore - Gallagher
The specter of Tyler Dellow's controversial post from last fall looms large as Colin Campbell's son prepares to play in the Stanley Cup Final.

Milan Lucic going back to his roots -
Boston's big bruiser is heading back to where he enjoyed success in junior hockey with the Vancouver Giants (where Jonathon Blum also played).

Lowetide: Pennant Winners 2011
I like the use of the baseball term for recognizing the conference champs.

Lightning return to Tampa, welcomed as heroes - Raw Charge
The fans in Tampa celebrated their team's great run with a rousing welcome home.

Star investigation: What really killed NHL's Bill Masterton -
Looking at the game as it was decades ago through the modern perspective on head injuries yields an entirely different view on what it meant to be a hockey player.

Friends say NHL enforcer Derek Boogard felt the pain, too - ESPN
The life of an enforcer can tougher off the ice than on it.

The wonderful, unlivable life of Don Cherry -
I've been a huge, huge Don Cherry fan for decades - not that I agree with everything he says, but I love how he fires away on Coach's Corner. This, in particular, is pure gold, on why he maintains a distance from players: "I won’t criticize them if they are my friends. No job is worth criticizing a friend. So I don’t talk to anybody and nobody talks to me." At least Cherry admits it...

Hockey World - Edmonton Journal
Jim Matheson's weekly notes from around the league are worth your while.

The New Mythology - Pension Plan Puppets
What makes a successful GM? Nap time and snacks. It works for 5-year-olds playing soccer, and apparently at the NHL level, too.

Lokomotiv Moscow headed by the former coach of the Detroit - Eurosport
Run this one through your favorite translator, but the bottom line is that Detroit assistant Brad McCrimmon (who was thought to be interested in an NHL head-coaching gig) is heading to the KHL, to coach Lokomotiv Moscow.

Which Sport Is Best To Take A Date? A Sorta-Scientific Study | ThePostGame
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