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Nashville Predators change $10 day-of-game ticket procedure

This just came over the wire from the Preds (emphasis mine):

The Nashville Predators announced today that due to exceedingly high demand, procedure for procuring a $10 Day of Game ticket will change, effective immediately.

Starting tomorrow, Bridgestone Arena box office officials will begin handing out raffle tickets at 9 a.m. Names will then be drawn at 9:45 a.m. These winners will be given the opportunity to purchase up to four upper-bowl playoff tickets for just $10 per ticket. There is a limit of 100 tickets for this promotion.

"This new procedure streamlines the process for attaining these high-demand tickets and eliminates the need for fans to camp out for the opportunity to purchase tickets," Nashville Predators Executive Vice President Chris Parker said. "Plus, as an added benefit, it should increase the number of fans who have the opportunity to attend a Predators Stanley Cup Playoff game for the price of $10 a ticket!"

I know there have been complaints from some fans that ticket scalpers were getting in line and snagging up lots of these $10 seats then flipping them for a quick profit, so it will be interesting to see if this move helps get those cheap tickets into the fans who really want to see the game.