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So You're Saying There's a Chance?

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I see you.

You have seen the Nashville Predators' 3-1 series deficit to the Vancouver Canucks, and you believe the Preds to be done. Sunk. Gonzo. I mean, after all - they're going up against the President's Trophy winners, that team from Canada that ices the freakin' Sedin twins. Mission impossible, right?

Wrong. For an average team, the ground may well be too much to make up. If we've learned anything this year, though, it's that the 2010-11 Nashville Predators are not an average team.

An average team would've folded like a cheap suit in the regular season with as many crucial injuries as the Preds have.

An average team doesn't ice the game's best goalie and defensive pairing.

An average team doesn't win their first ever playoff series in rather convincing fashion.

An average team doesn't go into the postseason and score with less than two minutes left in regulation to win the game in overtime. Twice.

The Nashville Predators must win three games in a row. Daunting? Yes. Impossible? Not by a long shot. Not only have the Preds beaten the Canucks three times already this year, but, over the course of 82 games, they won three or more games consecutively five times. One of those stretches involved beating the Ducks, Kings, and Sharks - all playoff teams - and in another, they defeated the Bruins, Red Wings, and Sabres, also all playoff teams.

I won't sit here and tell you that a comeback is likely, because it really isn't. But know this - it ain't over until they say it's over, and ruling out a team with as much heart as Nashville would be a fool's errand.

The portly woman is not yet singing. Go Preds.