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Afternoon notes: It ain't easy, it's The Predator Way

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So often you'll hear Barry Trotz or David Poile talk about "The Predator Way", the organization-wide vision that emphasizes maintaining focus on the task at hand, not what has gone before or what might come down the road, and doing so with complete dedication to the team concept. That mindset has allowed the team to push aside distraction during the ownership turmoil of 2007, and maintain their performance despite a host of serious injuries which gutted their lineup this season. One such example of that dedication came in their Game 5 victory at Vancouver.

We have good reason to believe that the ability to block shots is indeed a skill that varies from team to team (as opposed to some stats which simply vary to the extent predicted by random causes) and what we're seeing with the Nashville Predators right now demonstrates an extra level of commitment on that front. During the regular season, the Preds blocked the 3rd-fewest shots in the league, but Saturday night in Vancouver they blocked an astounding 30 shots. Going back through the last 3 seasons of play, only twice have they even stopped 25 from getting through to the net, let alone 30. Yes, yes, small size and all, but it's an impressive achievement, driven in part by Mike Fisher's 6 shot blocks (he led all forwards during the regular season with 89).

Desperate times call for desperate measures, as the saying goes, and there's nothing more desperate for a hockey club than a playoff elimination game.

Since you guys have been so good, I'll share some additional news & notes after the jump...

Nashville Predators News

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According to the NHL's Director of Entertainment Publicity, Charlie Daniels will be performing the Star Spangled Banner tonight.

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With near-record high temperatures today, the Preds have an extra challenge when it comes to providing an NHL-quality ice surface tonight.

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One fan has a host of photos from yesterday's welcome rally at the airport.

It Can Help To Be in Nashville - The Spin
Damien Cox points out how the lack of media pressure in Nashville can help the team develop prospects without some of the distractions you see in places like Toronto or Montreal.

Around the NHL

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