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On The Forecheck tops 3 million page views

I just wanted to pass along a thank-you note to all of you here, as passed the 3 million page-view mark earlier this week (the counter's busted at the moment, so I don't know exactly when that occurred).

We've certainly come a long way since joining SB Nation in February 2009, and going back even further to when I set up shop on the old Blogger platform back in July of 2005. Primary credit goes to the contributing staff of Chris, Sam, Marc, Aditya, Seth and Ryan, who help keep things moving here on a regular basis. Our goal is to provide the go-to destination for Nashville Predators news & analysis, and there's just no way one guy can do that all by himself!

Thanks to all of the readers who stop by here regularly and contribute to the discussion, the other Nashville bloggers for working tirelessly (and without reward) to develop this hockey community on a daily basis, my fellow SB Nation comrades, and of course the Predators organization for being so open and easy to work with.

Looking ahead, I think we've got some exciting ideas in the works that you'll all enjoy as we prepare for the 2011-12 NHL season.

Onwards and upwards!