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Sunday's notes: The calm before the storm

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This guy really does have karma working on his side.
This guy really does have karma working on his side.

The hockey world can enjoy a day of rest today, as the Stanley Cup Final doesn't resume until tomorrow night with Game 6. In Boston, they're hoping for another standout effort by Tim Thomas to help the Bruins force a Game 7, while in Vancouver, the excitement is building in anticipation of their first-ever championship. Around the league, teams are making their final preparations both for the NHL Entry Draft coming up on June 24 & 25 in Minnesota, and the free agent market which opens on July 1.

So follow after the jump for your morning hockey news, which includes a fascinating note about why a nation of 1.2 billion people has a rooting interest in this year's Final series...

Fathers Day Gift Ideas | Hockey Gear HQ
Check out this series over at a side project of mine for some gift ideas - Father's Day is next Sunday, after all, and I'm gathering together suggestions for dads who watch and/or play the game.

Nashville Predators News

Preds On The Glass: POTG Weekend Headlines, News, and Links
Are you a Twitter elitest? Buddy can help you find out.

Around the NHL

Top of the game - Hindustan Times
They're excited over in India (yes, all the way over there) about the Stanley Cup Finals, because Manny Malhotra, whose father came from Lahore, may now have "possibly the highest profile that any sportsperson of Indian origin has yet attained in any sport in North America."

The Bruins: Game Five -
A collection of Canuck-related thoughts as B.C. stands on the brink of history.

Canucks’ Sedin brothers rebuff Mike Milbury after Thelma & Louise jab - The Globe and Mail
They may not be lighting up the scoreboard, but responding to Mike Milbury's lame taunts made for an easy score for the twins.

On the ground in Vancouver: Days 4 & 5 - Nucks Misconduct
It looks like Vancouver is about ready to explode...

A Bit of 3rd-Line Depth - Nucks Misconduct
The line of Maxim Lapierre, Raffi Torres and Jannik Hansen dominated Game 5.

Goal Differential in the Post-Season - The Copper & Blue
A real jaw-dropper of a table here.

It’s Tim Thomas’ Conn Smythe Trophy, win or lose - Puck Daddy
It's pretty rare for a player on the losing side of the Cup Final to win the playoff MVP, but it's entirely possible with Tim Thomas.

Red Light District: Central Division Off-season Outlook
Ryan surveys 5 bloggers to see what the Central teams will be up to this summer.

Veterans Moving On (Puck-Rakers Blog)
It's "out with the old" in Columbus as three pending UFA's won't be back.

2011 Select-A-Seat - Anaheim Calling
Anaheim had their equivalent of the Skate Of The Union, and it sounds like they have some nice arena upgrades on the way.

Clock Ticks for Gauthier, Markov’s Future Uncertain | All Habs
A deep dive into what's going on in Montreal these days.

Naked truth in naming - Winnipeg Free Press
It appears that Jets is the popular (and I do mean popular) choice up in Manitoba...

Snyder's legacy to be carried on - Winnipeg Free Press
The Winnipeg _____ will honor Dan Snyder when the Thrashers relocate there, but they're just now sure how yet.

New Curb, No Ban, On Hits to the Head -
Hockey's a dangerous game, and it will remain so. And you know what? Both the players and the owners like it that way. If they can make marginal improvements in the interest of player safety, they absolutely should, but it doesn't need to become basketball on ice.