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Saturday's notes: Pekka Rinne, from NashVegas to Las Vegas

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Next week we have the NHL Awards in Las Vegas, with local hockey player Dierks Bentley providing the entertainment (sorry Buddy, no Chaka Khan for you this year), and the Nashville Predators will be front & center with nominees in several major categories. One of those, of course, is Pekka Rinne, and yesterday he held court with the local media about what it's like to be a finalist for the Vezina Trophy, including segments on two afternoon radio shows:

Pekka Rinne on Thom Abraham Show 20110617

Pekka Rinne on 1045 The Zone 20110617

It's going to be a fun evening for the Preds regardless of how many trophies they bring home. So look forward to a big night for Nashville on the NHL stage as you read this morning's hockey notes...

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