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Sunday's notes: Happy Hockey Father's Day

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A Happy Father's Day 2011 goes out to all you dads this morning, and I hope you have half as good a morning as I have so far. Besides a fresh cup of coffee served up with hugs from the kids and some cards, the haul of gifts included two hockey-related books, which I plan on curling up with on the couch for the afternoon:

Sports Illustrated's The Hockey Book, a way-cool compendium of hockey history and photography from SI, which has a gold mine of wonderful shots taken over the decades.

Hockey's Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of Wicked Slapshots, Bruising Goons and Ice Oddities - this one has all sorts of strange stories about the game, including the tale of George Morrison, who sat on the bench for the St. Louis Blues munching on a hot dog one night, when Scott Bowman suddenly put him into the game. He couldn't just leave the dog on the bench, so he snuck it into his glove... with predictably disastrous results.

Be sure to check those out, then follow after the jump for your morning notes!

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Coupon code offers extra 15% off hockey gloves & skates | Hockey Gear HQ
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