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Monday's notes: Feeling better about a Shea Weber signing

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The more I think about this recent development of Shea Weber switching agents, the better I feel about a long-term deal getting negotiated with the Nashville Predators to lock up The Captain at a fair, reasonable price.

Consider the fear of many Preds fans, that Shea would either play hardball to get the highest possible salary, one that would cause headaches for David Poile, or worse yet, seek a one two-year contract as a bridge to unrestricted free agency, where he could go for the real jackpot elsewhere. If that were indeed his plan, would it really make sense to dump Don Meehan, one of the biggest names in the hockey industry, whose firm represents guys like Chris Pronger, Brad Richards, Mike Richards, Steven Stamkos, Jarome Iginla, Nicklas Lidstrom, and a host of other stars?

Does it really make sense to leave a firm like that, and go with a relative newcomer to the industry in Jarret Bousquet's Titan Sports Management? Look at the client list there, and among the active players, it looks to me like Shea is the only guy to have even been to a single All-Star Game. One unnamed agent indicated to me that it sounded like a classic case of a new guy offering to do a deal for next to nothing, as a credibility-building move, and boy did they crow about landing Shea Weber as a client, eh?

I wouldn't expect a deal to get done before the NHL Awards, because certainly a Norris Trophy win would make a nice bullet point on Shea's resume. But all the same, this just has the feel of a guy who doesn't foresee a major haggle with the Predators over this upcoming contract, and instead plans on saving a few percentage points in agency fees.

Ponder that while perusing the morning notes, which includes word that a hockey stats geek has been hired by a Western Conference rival, and the dawn of a new Preds blog...

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