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Tuesday morning notes: The NHL says goodbye to Atlanta

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Today's the day that the formalities come to a conclusion and the NHL's Board of Governors votes on the sale and relocation of the Atlanta Thrashers to True North Sports & Entertainment in Winnipeg. It's the ultimate sad/happy day in the hockey world, as Manitobans will be dancing in the streets while the hard core fans in Georgia can't help but feel like they've lost a dear friend.

It's been refreshing to see the outreach undertaken by the Predators, as well as by fans and bloggers, to let Thrashers fans know that there's an exciting team just a little ways up I-24, and that they're 100% welcome to join our fun. So if you see someone on Twitter or Facebook bemoaning the fate of the Thrashers today, make sure to extend condolences, along with a hearty invitation to keep their hockey hunger alive.

Meanwhile, get your morning started with a dose of Barry Trotz, who joined the Thom Abraham Show yesterday to talk about the upcoming NHL Awards, and, in an annual rite of summer, Alexander Radulov:

Barry Trotz on Thom Abraham Show 20110620

Then follow after the jump for your morning hockey notes!

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Nashville Predators News

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A fail to see any mention here that Pekka is the tallest of the finalists. That works in Presidential races, right?

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Around the NHL

Winnipeg, head hits on Board of Governors agenda -
The Board of Governors meets today, and will finally sign off on the relocation of the Thrashers to Winnipeg.

NHLPA exercises option to raise salary cap - CBC
The players, as expected, bumped the cap figure by 5%, which should set the 2011-12 salary cap at around $64 million, with the mid-point (Nashville's "soft ceiling") around $56 million.

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As someone (can't recall who) noted on Twitter yesterday, it appears the only ones making the trip from Atlanta to Winnipeg are the players.

Winnipeg GM unsure what sweater will be given to draft picks - The Globe and Mail
I'm thinking they should pull out a plain jersey with a big ? on the chest...

Q and A with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman  |
The Commish sat down with Atlanta beat writer Chris Vivlamore to close the chapter on Atlanta Thrashers hockey.

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Shanny prepares for his toughest scrap yet.

2011 NHL Entry Draft Fantasy-Based Top 100 Rankings | The Hockey Writers
Here's a different look at the upcoming draft class, including a sortable table listing projections for offensive potential. - Swap Dundas for Garneau
Some media members poo-pooed the Ryan Smyth to Edmonton talk, saying he'd take away ice time from a younger player and would hinder the team's development. That's just idiotic, they don't have that much NHL talent on their roster.

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Our old buddy Scooter's going to have to find a new gig.

Pacioretty Signs Two-year Deal with Habs | All Habs
Max Pacioretty is apparently healing up well from the horrific neck injury suffered against Boston in March.

(Part 2) Talking Toronto Maple Leafs goalies with The Goalie Guild | The Hockey Writers
It looks like the Maple Leafs are transitioning to some young goalies between James Riemer and Jonas "The Monster" Gustavsson.

Pittsburgh Penguins To Play Preseason Game In Kansas City -
That spiffy building in K.C. will host another exhibition game this fall.

Tim Thomas puts his best face forward -
Now that's cool, Gillettte made a big deal (and charity fundraiser) out of Tim Thomas shaving his playoff beard.