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Can David Poile beat Yzerman & Gillis for NHL GM of the Year?

The NHL Awards get underway tonight at 6:00 p.m. Central time (on VERSUS), and the last of the Nashville Predators nominated for a major award is general manager David Poile, who is a finalist once again for GM of the Year, and award that just began last season with Don Maloney of the Phoenix Coyotes winning it.

We open the floor for discussion, then... does DP have a chance against a cap-maximizing heavyweight in Mike Gillis from Vancouver, or the first-year phenom in Tampa Bay, Steve Yzerman?

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Dirk: Mike Gillis - you have to give the Canucks credit, they put together a deep, talented team that was able to dominate the regular season, even after suffering major injuries on defense. Poile did much the same working around the center position, and that's why he's a finalist. Yzerman's definitely a strong candidate for engineering the quick turnaround in Tampa, but I'll stick with Gillis.

Sam: Stevie Y- He made all the right moves. And even the moves that didn't pan out (Ellis...), seemed to reflect a good overall process in his decision making.

Marc: Gillis - Gillis made all the right moves this offseason, adding key pieces that allowed the Canucks to tear through the regular season.

What do you think, folks?