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Blue Jackets Make First Off-Season Move In The Central; Acquire Jeff Carter From Flyers

Hopefully this doesn't become a regular sight in Nashville.
Hopefully this doesn't become a regular sight in Nashville.

The wheels on the NHL off-season bus are rolling at full speed as Bob Mackenzie, among many others, is reporting that Jeff Carter has been traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets for this year's first-round pick (8th overall), a third, and Jakub Voracek. Obviously, the Blue Jackets are still a little ways off from contending in the Central Division, but the idea of facing Jeff Carter and Rick Nash on a line together 6 times a year is not an assuring one.

Many speculated the dominos would start to fall when Ilya Bryzgalov was traded to Philadelphia, with the Flyers needing to clear some cap space, and it appears the first one has. Could Chris Versteeg be next? ESPN's Steve Levy initially mentioned Versteeg to Florida, but that was shot down pretty quicklyWhat about Mike Richards? Things are definitely starting to get interesting, so stay tuned for more.

Are there any Flyers you would like to see Nashville make a run for? What about other potential free agents or trade prospects? The Jackets have made their move. I'm looking at you, David Poile...

Update: Mike Richards to LA is a go, as he'll be moved in exchange for Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmonds. The West is getting a lot scarier, folks...