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Our First Look At The New Nashville Predators Jerseys?

Hat-tip to SVT Mike in the comments section of the Jeff Carter post, but could we have our first look at the Predators' new jerseys for this year? The images show someone holding up what appears to be the front of the home jersey and the back of one of Nashville's new away jerseys for this season. The new logo is displayed on the front, and the guitar pick/Tennessee flag shoulder patch is visible on the back, as well as the new number pattern, with six lines going through it, representing guitar strings.

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UPDATE: My contact with the team is saying those aren't the sweaters, but that could mean many things. These could be preliminary versions to be used at Development Camp, or other prototypes. But it's telling that the logo and coloring match what was unveiled yesterday, so I'd say it's likely these are pretty close to the jerseys we'll see this fall. - Dirk

UPDATE 2: The new road jerseys are now available for pre-order online!

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new Nashville Predators jersey

new Nashville Predators jersey

The reaction on Twitter so far has been mixed, but I really like them. They're clean, classy, not too busy, and it's not that god-awful mustard color. The new logo, and especially the shoulder patch look great on the jersey, and I'm a fan of the guitar string look on the numbers on the back.

Again, nothing is confirmed as these appear to be taken with a cell phone camera. This day just keeps getting better, doesn't it?