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Friday's notes: Nashville tuning in to Stanley Cup Final

The Stanley Cup Final resumes tomorrow in Vancouver, and after having seen their team push the Canucks to six games during the Western Conference Semifinals, Nashville Predators are following this series avidly on TV. This morning, we kick off our morning news & notes with word that among NHL markets, Nashville's TV ratings for Game 1 on NBC were higher than in several more "traditional" hockey cities...

Nashville Predators News

How the Stanley Cup Final Did in Both NHL and Non-NHL Markets " Puck The Media
Check this out... Nashville ranked #7 among NHL TV markets in the ratings for Game 1, with a 3.3/5. The game rated higher here than in cities like Chicago, New York, St. Louis and Denver.

There but for the grace of Goc go we |
True North has been sniffing around for an NHL team for quite a while before landing the Thrashers, and here, there's a note about them talking to Craig Leipold briefly in 2007.

Paul McCann - Celebrating being wrong and Horachek Interviews for Dallas Job
Kudos to Paul for putting the boots to Bruce Dowbiggin's ridiculous cheerleading over at the Globe & Mail.

Top 15 moments of the 2010-11 Preds season: #6 | Section 303
Just how did Dustin Boyd and Dan Ellis work out for you, Montreal?

Preds On The Glass: POTG Friday Headlines, News, and Morning Links
Looking for hockey news, Space Shuttle stories, and Android information? Buddy's got it all.

The C.A.S.E. Rating – Stanley Cup Finals Game 1 | The Predatorial
Take a whole bunch of numbers and put 'em in a pot... what do you get?

Nashville Predators/Brent Peterson Celebrity Golf Classic and Petey's Preds Party Set For Sept. 8-9
This looks like a great way to kick off hockey season, a two-day event including cocktail reception, golf tournament, entertainment and a silent auction to benefit the Predators Foundation and Peterson Foundation for Parkinson's.

Preds in review: Francis Bouillon - Predators Insider
Josh briefly shapes up The Cube's season.

Around the NHL

Petition To The NHL Board of Governors
With approval by the NHL the sole remaining hurdle to the Thrashers' move from Atlanta to Winnipeg, fans have launched an online petition to help convince the Board of Governors that they should vote "no".

Game 1 of the Final Draws 4.5 Million, Up 5% From 2010 " Puck The Media
Pretty good considering there's just one US team.

The Hockey News - Does Brendan Shanahan's hiring mean the NHL is getting serious about discipline?
Apply Betteridge's Law of Headlines here (I just heard about this the other day, can't recall where, though, but it's so true).

Down Goes Brown: The other former star players interviewed for Colin Campbell's job
DGB's secret agents report from deep inside NHL Headquarters...

NHL: No ‘conclusive evidence’, no suspension for Alex Burrows - Puck Daddy
I guess Burrows was really fast with that toothpick...

Dan Hamhuis injury could further test Canucks' defense -
Hammer may well miss tonight's game, but Vancouver has had to dig into their blueline depth chart before.

The Bruins: Game One -
Thoughts on the opener from the sage of B.C. - Front office staff 1st priority in Winnipeg
Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts include word that former Milwaukee Admirals head coach Claude Noel may be in line for the gig in Winnipeg.

Winnipeg's NHL name to follow ticket drive - CBC Sports
True North won't reveal the team name until the fans in Winnipeg scoop up those 13,000 season tickets.

Nieuwendyk: We are trying to trade rights to Brad Richards - The Dallas Morning News
Cue the hyperventilating in Dallas, as they appear ready to part ways with their top offensive forward, who will apparently become the prize of this summer's free agent market. Richards has a no-trade clause, however, so I'm not sure why he'd accept a trade before receiving offers on July 1.

Summer Snow Days: "The Plan" coming to fruition? | Hockey Independent
Is it just me, or does John Tavares look like Sylar from Heroes in the lead picture for this article?

Sam Gagner - Just Give It Time - The Copper & Blue
Sometimes it's hard to tease out just how good a young player is, when he's toiled for lousy teams the entire time.

Objective NHL: More on Team EV Shooting Ability
A good look at just how certain (or uncertain) we can be about a team's ability based on a season's worth of data.

Sidney Crosby Cleared For Off-Ice Workouts - PensBurgh
Just in time for... well... hey, it's good to see him getting better.

The next great innovation in hockey stick technology? | Hockey Gear HQ
Hockey sticks have advanced considerably over the last 20 years, but now the design process may get an added boost thanks to a team from the University of Waterloo. Who knows, maybe Joel Ward won't break so many sticks in the future.