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Nashville Predators buy out final year of J.P. Dumont's contract; Souray, Barker, Commodore also headed that way

UPDATE: After relying on initial reports that J.P. Dumont would not be eligible for buyout since he didn't go through waivers, word comes that he can indeed get bought out (because of his NMC?), and Jim Diamond broke word via Twitter from Preds Development Camp that J.P. is indeed getting bought out of the final year of his contract. My initial post here said that he would not get bought out because he wasn't included in the waiver list today...

There was a great deal of speculation that the Nashville Predators might buy out the contract of winger J.P. Dumont, whose role on the team has declined over the last two seasons. With one more year left at $4 million, a buyout will cost the Preds $1.33 million in the 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons, but free up a roster spot for a younger player who might better fit the team's long term plans.

TSN's Bob McKenzie reported on the latest waiver wire updates earlier today, and Dumont's name was not among those players passing through unconditional waivers (a preliminary step to a contract buyout). Edmonton's Sheldon Souray, Minnesota's Cam Barker, and Columbus' Mike Commodore (all defensemen, interestingly) were on that list today, however, and are expected to be bought out of their contracts.

J.P. Dumont

#71 / Right Wing / Nashville Predators



Apr 01, 1978

2010 - J.P. Dumont 70 10 9 19 2 16 1 0 2 89 11.2