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Nashville Post sheds light on Predators' marketing efforts to Atlanta's hockey fans

The Nashville Post has a followup article to yesterday's word that the Nashville Predators are extending their marketing efforts to Atlanta, where hockey fans are bracing for the relocation of their Thrashers to Winnipeg. J.R. Lind tells the tale:

...the Predators' vice-president of marketing said the team is mining their database - looking at ticket sales made to Atlanta-area customers, who presumably traveled up I-75 and I-24 for past Thrashers-Predators games - to gauge interest in a package for Atlanta fans.

"I think the void there is starting to develop," Chris Parker said. "We have contact information and we want to try to fill the void the best we can. ... Everything we have is pre-emptive and we are trying to get information as best we can to develop a mini-database."

What I especially like is the notion of a mini-package of mostly-weekend games, created in concert with the Convention & Visitors Bureau here to make it enticing for folks to make the trip up from Atlanta for a weekend. Nashville's all about the tourism, after all:

"It's four hours and 5 million people. You'd only need to obtain a sliver," - Nashville Predators vice-president of marketing Chris Parker.

Head over to the Nashville Post to check out the rest of the piece, which should be available publicly later this evening (just subscribers initially).