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Tuesday's afternoon notes: Anaheim trades for Cogliano; NHL to get beer money

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Now that the initial rush of free agency is past, teams are now looking to make minor moves to either make room for incoming prospects, or round out supporting areas of their roster. This afternoon, one such deal comes between Anaheim and Edmonton, with Andrew Cogliano heading to Orange County.

Follow after the jump for your afternoon hockey reading, which includes analysis of that deal, along with word that the NHL should now be able to cash in on a major sponsorship deal...

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Nashville Predators News

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Aaron Sims looks at who might fill the crease in Milwaukee this season. He, too, wonders if Anders Lindback might best be served by getting regular work at the AHL level.

Around the NHL

The Moves Trickle in - Anaheim Calling
The Ducks traded a 2nd round draft pick for Edmonton's Andrew Cogliano, who may provide a bit of jump to their 3rd or 4th line.

A Guide To Surviving A Hockey-Free Summer - Houses of the Hockey
You may need to print this one out and keep it nearby for emergency purposes.

NHL, Molson Coors win sponsorship case - The Globe and Mail
Huge news for the NHL today, as they get to go ahead with a sponsorship deal which provides a big boost to league revenue.

Contest: Photoshop Bruins Bear, win Stanley Cup DVD, tix - Puck Daddy
You've got to love a Photoshop contest...

Red Wings were finalist for Tomas Vokoun; so what happened? - Puck Daddy
Whew... good thing for the Preds this didn't work out.

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I can't believe Greg de Vries didn't make this list.

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There are a lot of chefs in Toronto's kitchen, but there's no cap on front office spending.

Power Forwards - On The Rise Or A Statistical Blip? - The Copper & Blue
Is there another label you can hang on a player which gets fans drooling like "power forward"?

Down Goes Brown: The biggest free agent signings of 2011
This, on Tim Connolly: "Toronto is a perfect fit for a player with a history of concussions, since the ACC is the closest thing the league has to a permanent quiet room."

Setting Fire to a Narrative: Roberto Luongo - Matchsticks and Gasoline
Is there a more-maligned top goaltender in recent memory?

And lastly, why not rock out with a music video featuring Alexander Radulov? He makes an appearance here in his girlfriend's video (hat tip to Dmitri Chesknokov on Twitter). As to Dmitri's question on why A-Rad is sleeping in the garage, the obvious answer is that it's probably more comfortable than Trotz's doghouse!