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Wednesday's notes: It's Hockey Day In Nashville

<em>"Here... here... the gang's all here...</em>
"Here... here... the gang's all here...

Today's Skate of the Union represents one of the truly special days on the hockey calendar here in Nashville. The festivities get rolling at 10:00 a.m. with a sidewalk sale by the arena Pro Shop, followed by the used equipment sale, which opens to season ticket holders at 11:30. There will be a party on the plaza later in the afternoon, and of course the main event at 6:00, which features the new jersey unveiling and the panel discussion by team leadership (complete schedule can be found here).

My question to you this morning is, what are you most looking forward to out of this event? I think we need to temper expectations about any big surprise announcements of contracts or player trades, but there are lots of things to anticipate. Just being down at Bridgestone Arena with a crowd of hockey fans, sifting through the used equipment sale for deals on top-end hockey gear, autograph signings by Preds alumni, etc.

For me, the most interesting part of the evening is David Poile's assessment of the situation heading in to training camp. It's natural for someone in his position to hype the prospects in the system and the potential they all have, but taking a realistic assessment, you'd have to think that today's roster is thin up front and missing some aggressive beef on the blueline, and that's just compared to the group which finished the playoffs, which was already banged up and drawing on reserves at the time.

The kids in the pipeline don't do much to address either of those concerns, and some proven NHL talent will be needed before the season starts. From here until late August, however, the market grinds to a near halt as the hockey world takes its well-deserved vacation, so we're going to have be patient.

So chime in with your thoughts on tonight's event in the comments below, after your morning hockey news - which includes another profile of how Calgary is pushing ahead in what I'd refer to as Hockey R&D...

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Nashville Predators News

Really, we're all just waiting for the SOTU tonight!

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