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Saturday notes: Staring into an information abyss

You know what struck me this morning when putting together the daily hockey notes? In the absence of solid information, people tend to fill in the void with all manners of fears and doubts, usually portending horrible outcomes. That's the case whether we're talking about fans who wonder how the Predators are going to take the step from competitor to contender, or professional hockey writers who look ahead to upcoming CBA negotiations.

In both cases, folks on the outside have little idea what's actually happening, so the mind takes off on its own. That's not necessarily such a bad thing, though, right? Or are hockey fans just supposed to tune out for a couple months until training camp opens?

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Nashville Predators News

WacKY Hockey: A Note to Fans
Shall we question the team's leadership regarding questions of roster management during times like these, or just trust in what they're doing?

Predators billionaire partner could be on board by September |
Forget Twitter, the Post needs to send J.R. Lind on an expedition to Thailand to track down Brett Wilson and get to the bottom of this ownership story.

The 303:30 – Skate Of the Union highlights and the new Preds jerseys | Section 303
Codey returns!

Smith's departure leaves Badgers in tough spot - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Nashville's gain is a loss for the University of Wisconsin.

Companies refine image to stay fresh, reconnect | Nashville Business Journal
What do the Nashville Predators have in common with Goo Goo Clusters?

Ellis has potential to surface soon in Nashville -
Will Ryan Ellis make the big club coming out of training camp? It looks like at least one rookie might, and to hear David Poile talk, as many as 3 could. That prospect terrifies me.

New Nashville Predators jerseys now on sale! | Hockey Gear HQ - news, reviews & deals
Both the new home & road replica jerseys are now available for pre-ordering, with delivery coming in October.

Around the NHL

Three Views -
Tom looks around to see one columnist proclaiming doom from the ownership side, one from the player's side, and a player agent who seems to think getting a new CBA done shouldn't take another lockout.

Shanahan preparing for another R&D camp - ESPN
Mid-August will feature another experimental camp for the NHL to test out new ideas. My favorites from last year were the faceoff dots in the middle of the ice, and shallower nets allowing for more room below the goal line.

Off the Map: A Look at the Calgary Flames' Very Confusing Offseason - Matchsticks and Gasoline
Do the Flames have a clear direction on where they're heading? It doesn't appear so to me, either.

Brendan Morrison Re-Signs With Flames for One Year, $1.25M - Matchsticks and Gasoline
I'm sick of banging the drum for this guy, who could've made a good fit as as offensive pivot here.

Salary Floor Non-Compliance: Clearing up a FAQ - Winging It In Motown
People are always asking about the possible penalties for a team which fails to hit the salary floor, so J.J. dug into the CBA.

Canes Now - Karmanos: ownership group coming together | blogs
Pete Karmanos appears to be having some success bringing in minority investors for the Carolina Hurricanes.

Greg Zanon, Corsi Ratings and Mutually Assured Destruction - Hockey Wilderness
When a hockey stats blogger on a prominent site makes a lame case against a given player, it tends to undermine anyone's confidence in such analysis.

Driving Play: Yeah, But: QualComp
Interesting analysis here, but I don't know if it pushes us any closer to a broadly applicable measure of Quality of Competition. Teasing that effect out from the Quality of Teammates is the Gordian Knot of advanced hockey stats.