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Monday's notes: How much youth is too much?

One of the most interesting moments of last week's Skate of the Union came when general manager David Poile took the opportunity to sell the crowd on the lineup heading into 2011-12. He included a statement that since the team is so young, internal improvement should be expected (which I agree with by and large), and that nobody on the team had enjoyed their career season yet.

That's the bit that gave me pause.

I worry a bit when I hear such statements, because while of course young players tend to develop as they approach their mid-20's, it's by no means assured for each individual. Sergei Kostitsyn may start shooting more (although I doubt it), Colin Wilson may become more consistent, and the youngsters on the blueline will generally get more comfortable over time. Somewhere along the line, however, there will be reversals, hesitations, and the occasional bust.

And when it comes to career years, what do you think Pekka Rinne just had? He put together the 13th-best season ever in terms of save percentage for goalies with 40+ games played, and was a finalist for the Vezina Trophy. Banking on an improvement on that performance seems like a dangerous game to me.

Is it possible that Pekka uses 2010-11 as the foundation for an extended run of dominance? Sure. Dominik Hasek didn't have his first insanely great year until he was 29, a year older than Peks. But relying on that to take place seems awfully risky.

Can you tell I'm in a cranky mood this Monday?

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