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Tuesday's notes: ESPN & The Sporting News star in "Dumb and Dumber"

Was there some secret mainstream media plan to file a bunch of error-ridden reports about salary arbitration this week? Even though we've known for a while now that Shea Weber's hearing is scheduled for August 2nd, two outlets have decided to run articles this week about the possibilities there which are chock-full of problems.

Seriously, guys, go take a vacation. The bloggers have this stuff covered a lot better than you.

Nashville Predators News

Weber grilling among kettle of arbitration hearing beginning this week - Sporting News
What is it this week? Another supposedly professional outfit files a report about Shea Weber's arbitration possibilities which is rife with errors, just like ESPN yesterday. This time, besides fouling up the part about the Preds being able to walk away from the arbiter's ruling (they can't, clause 12.10 of the CBA only refers to Player-Elected arbitration), this article says the team has the choice of whether the ruling would result in a 1- or 2-year contract (that's Weber's call, because the team filed for arbitration, clause 12.9 c of the CBA).

Youth Invigorated: The Window of Opportunity | The Predatorial
Kris is loaded with optimism about all the youth coming into the lineup this year.

Around the NHL

Shootout stars: The best forwards in the ‘skills competition’ | ProHockeyTalk
Martin Erat pops up tied for 6th on the list of all-time shootout winners... not bad.

Chris Osgood Retires - Winging It In Motown
I always liked Ozzie. When he came up through the ranks, the fans in Detroit were eating goaltenders alive one year after the next, and he fought through some early struggles (Jamie Baker in the playoffs, yikes!) to carve out a fantastic career. Hall of Fame-worthy? I don't know that I'd go quite that far, but was a doozy.

Dear Stan Bowman - Second City Hockey
Sam has a heart-to-heart with the Chicago GM.

Paradigm Shift? The evolving relationship between outshooting and winning | Edmonton Journal
A good discussion here built off an odd observation, that teams which outshot their opponents have fared surprisingly poorly in the last two seasons. I think what's needed here is an accessible way to view individual and team performance based on game-state (i.e. score tied, down by 1, up by 1, etc.).

"On Corsi and Faceoffs" Rebuttal - Arctic Ice Hockey
Another solid volley in the advanced stats vs. "watch the game" debate.

On Stats, Narratives, and the New Jersey Devils - In Lou We Trust
Many observers are content to watch the shadows on the walls of Plato's allegorical cave, while the analyst searches for the truth.

In praise of NHL coaches, and Jack Capuano's tan - Lighthouse Hockey
It's easy to forget how fleeting the tenure is for most head coaches around the league.

Passion of Jets fans will play a big role - Toronto Sun
Will the Jets prove to be a tougher opponent at home than the Thrashers, due to a hockey-mad sellout crowd every night?

Lastly, how about a little highlight action from the New York Islanders' Rookie Camp? Give it up for young Ryan Strome...