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Thursday afternoon notes: Who's lonelier? An NHL Arbitrator, or the Maytag Repairman?

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What are you so angry about, bub? 4 years and $16.8 million ain't bad.
What are you so angry about, bub? 4 years and $16.8 million ain't bad.

The NHL's aversion to arbitration hearings was on full display again today, as yet another high-profile negotiation was resolved just in time to avoid a dreaded confrontation.

This morning, hockey fans anticipated a real showdown as Brandon Dubinsky and the New York Rangers were scheduled for a hearing. Larry Brooks of the New York Post reported that Dubinsky had opted for the arbiter to rule on a 1-year contract, and Greg Wyshynski over at Puck Daddy detailed the implications of that gambit, setting the scene for a showdown...

Only to have Nick Kypreos report moments later that the two sides had instead agreed on a 4-year, $16.8 million deal!

Through today, all 6 of the restricted free agents who have had scheduled hearings so far have instead settled with their teams, and almost all the remaining ones are expected to do the same. Chicago decided that they didn't want to keep defenseman Chris Campoli regardless of the outcome, so they agreed to move up the date of his hearing, didn't bother attending, and let him walk away as an unrestricted free agent.

In a related matter, the Nashville Predators avoided arbitration over a grievance which the NHLPA had filed by signing all the relevant players involved to new contracts.

So what is it about these arbitrators that makes both players and teams avoid them like the plague? Is it chronic halitosis? Eye-stinging flatulence? A grating voice?

Who knows, but think about how we can get in on that scam while reading your afternoon hockey news...

Nashville Predators News

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Around the NHL

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