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Weekend hockey talk: Let the hate flow through you

Now that we're staring at almost two long months before training camp for the 2011-12 NHL season gets underway, it's back to a routine we started last summer, of putting a question out here for discussion each Friday afternoon for you to banter back and forth over the weekend.

This week's installment is inspired by a post over at Arctic Ice Hockey, and is a good one:

Which NHL team do you hate the most? Sure, those ever-polite Canadians used the term "dislike", but let's cut right to the visceral intensity that drives a good rivalry in sports. Which team around the NHL do you really want to see lose, no matter what?

Some obvious candidates include Nashville's division rivals in Detroit & Chicago, who they've also lost to in the playoffs, or Columbus, which also has that expansion background in common with the Preds. Outside the division, you have playoff history with San Jose, Anaheim, and Vancouver to consider as well.

There are also dark-horse candidates such as Dallas (remember Tootoo/Modano/Robidas?) and Calgary (the full-on brawl involving Tomas Vokoun) out there who can also be tossed into the discussion.

So who's your pick?