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Friday's notes: 96 hours and counting

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News comes this morning that President Obama will address the nation regarding the stalled negotiations that threaten dire consequences if left unresolved by August 2nd.

Who knew the guy was a hockey fan? Who knows, maybe those PSA's that the First Lady made to encourage kids to get out and play sunk in. Anyway, if he has the ability to apply some muscle and help resolve the Shea Weber situation, I'm all for it.

So while you're waiting for that Presidential address, follow after the jump for your morning hockey news...

Nashville Predators News

Hockey Night in Nashville: Nashville Knights
Take a video trip into Nashville hockey history...

Season Series Preview: Columbus Blue Jackets – Could the Streak End? | The Predatorial
It doesn't look like the Blue Jackets will be the laughing stock of the Central Division any more.

Preds On The Glass: Shea Weber Versus the Nashville Predators
Buddy harkens back to the end of the season, and all the talk from Shea Weber about wanting to stay here long-term.

Predators sign defenseman Tyler Sloan, prepare for possible arbitration with Weber - ProHockeyTalk
Tyler Sloan wasn't happy in Washington with the ice time he was getting... which leads to the question of whether he really expects more here.

Around the NHL

Forward-Thinking - Second City Hockey
Pondering problems many Preds fans only wish they could deal with.

Jagr starts training for new season - Broad Street Hockey
Before signing with the Flyers, Jaromir Jagr spoke with Chris Pronger to get an understanding of the Philly organization. Is there any doubt that Pronger will get the "C" there? blogs - Tippett likes new-look staff
The Phoenix Coyotes have really beefed up behind the bench, adding former NHL head coaches Jim Playfair and John Anderson as assistants for Dave Tippett.

Jumping the Wall - Battle of California
Earl has all your hockey cartooning needs covered this morning.

New Attitude? - Mile High Hockey
Are the famously new-media-averse Avalanche starting to change their ways?

How Much Do I Love This Game? A Native Floridian’s Tale Of Learning To Play Hockey - The Rat Trick
Thinking of taking up playing hockey, but you never played as a kid? No problem, just get out there!

BwB Presents: The First Annual Untitled Sports Media Awards Project
No here's an interesting idea, handing out awards for sports coverage whether coming from a blog, or more traditional forms of media.