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Saturday's notes: Parise signs, but only for one year

The restricted free agency story line just got a little more interesting with the New Jersey Devils agreeing to a one-year, $6 million deal with star forward Zach Parise yesterday. Such a move avoids an arbitration hearing, but does nothing to settle the long-term relationship between the player and team, and will keep alive speculation about whether the Devils might be best off moving Parise in a trade rather than let him walk away next summer as an unrestricted free agent.

Follow after the jump for that, along with the rest of your morning hockey news!

Back in the saddle again... - On the Forecheck
Last Monday was the 6th anniversary of this blog, and I totally forgot about it!

Nashville Predators News

What will the Predators be paying Shea Weber next season? | Section 303
Jeremy notes some comparable players for Shea Weber's arbitration - just remember, however, that James Wisniewski can't be used as a comparable during the hearing because he signed his new deal as an unrestricted free agent. I hope to post my take on this later today.

Around the NHL

Official: Zach Parise Signs One-Year, $6 Million Contract with the New Jersey Devils - In Lou We Trust
Well, let the trade speculation begin... so much for a long-term deal keeping Parise in New Jersey this summer!

Stories Behind NHL Players' Numbers - Photos -
A neat slideshow describing why various players wear the number they do - but they overlooked Jordin Tootoo's birthday!

L.A. Kings file grievance over Colin Fraser -
Kings GM Dean Lombardi contends he received damaged goods in the Ryan Smyth trade.

Lowetide: RE 11-12: Darcy Hordichuk
How will Hordi fare with the Oilers?

Campbells keep Cup in the family -
Now that he's no longer the NHL's Chief Sourpuss, Colin Campbell could watch his son win the Stanley Cup without worrying about a conflict of interest.

Peter DeBoer is the new guy - View From My Seats
One of the challenges the new Devils coach faces is that he comes from outside an organization that tends to hire their own folks first and foremost.

Manitoba and the Military -
Does the new Jets logo cross over into some uncomfortable territory?

Was Wayne Gretzky better than Gordie Howe? A fan's perspective - Yahoo! Sports

A question for the ages here. Gretzky broke new ground, but Howe played at a high level while also playing a tough physical game for an incredible time.

Osgood retires, and takes The Helmet with him -
Chris Osgood's retirement marks the end of the helmet & cage look for NHL goalies (found at Kukla's).

How to tape your hockey stick blade | Hockey Gear HQ - news, reviews & deals
There are as many ways to tape a stick blade as there are hockey players, but you can gain an edge by taking a fresh approach.