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Friday afternoon notes: One more RFA to go

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There's just one RFA left to sign, Mr. Poile.
There's just one RFA left to sign, Mr. Poile.

Now that Sergei Kostitsyn has been signed and the Qualifying Offer affair is out of the way (we'll still be interested to see the ruling, though), the main item on the agenda for the Nashville Predators is to get Shea Weber signed to a new contract. By my reckoning the Preds stand just under $40 million in total salary (not cap hit, payroll, and that assumes Stortini & Mueller are in the minors), so they should have somewhere around $12-14 million left to work with in rounding out the roster.

Will Mr. Poile have a shiny new acquisition to show off at next week's Skate of the Union event? Oh, how the anticipation will build...

So follow after the jump for your afternoon hockey notes, which includes a rating of local TV broadcast crews across the league!

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Nashville Predators News

Predators GM happy to have Kostitsyn signed - Nashville Predators Examiner
So... today's signing had "nothing to do with" the NHLPA grievance, according to GM David Poile? That seems awfully hard to believe.

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The Predators come out looking pretty good here...

Smashville 24/7: Preds hope Shalla can eventually make difference
Could Josh Shalla prove to be a late-blooming goal scorer? It's worth a shot with the 4th-round pick this year.

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...and Jeremy catches up with a bucking Bronco.

Preds On The Glass: POTG Friday Morning Headlines, News, Links, and Commentary
Buddy looks at SK74 as a less important signing than the four RFA's from the other day. As much as I believe his goal-scoring was a fluke, I'd disagree.

Around the NHL

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Check out where Pete & Terry placed in the overall ratings... - 2011 Salary Arbitration Dates Set
Shea Weber's arbitration date is set for August 2nd. Let's hope it never gets to that point.

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Does the former 30-goal scorer have anything left in the tank?

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Forget Phoenix, Matthew Hulsizer may buy the Blues instead.

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Now is the time when young kids can make a name for themselves.

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I doubt there will be a better bargain across the entire league than Tomas Vokoun at $1.5 million.

Being a Fan and Writing: How I Look at the Flames - Matchsticks and Gasoline
As bloggers, should we have a fundamentally positive outlook on the teams we cover? It's a good question here, but I think ultimately each writer has their own voice. Some wave the pom-poms furiously, others second-guess every move made by management, others fall somewhere in between.

Jeff Blashill and Bill Peters - Detroit's New Assistant Coaches - Winging It In Motown
Nope, no Bob Boughner.

So Now What? - Second City Hockey
The Chicago Blackhawks have undergone some major change along the blueline, but still have some holes to address.

Backchecking: Don’t Take Your Opponent Lightly | Hockey Independent
The fate of the New York Islanders hangs in the balance as an August 1 vote approaches which would clear the path to a new arena.

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And I'd argue the Preds don't need one, either.

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Extending an olive branch from the hockey stats crowd to the "watch the game" bunch.

What will college hockey crisis mean for the CHL? - Buzzing The Net
U.S. college hockey has a major recruiting rivalry going with Canadian junior, but I'd bet that in the long run, college hockey will come out stronger as a result of all this.

Down Goes Brown: A brief history of NHL offer sheets
And it is brief, considering how many offer sheets ever see the light of day.

South Korean Hockey Seven Years Before Olympic Debut - Puck Worlds
South Korean hockey has been developing lately, and with the Winter Olympics on the way in 2018, that effort should receive a big push in the years ahead.

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