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Monday's notes: Fans in Nashville and on Long Island watch & wait

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The next couple days will see the NHL spotlight directed at the Predators and Islanders, as the Shea Weber situation comes to a head, and Long Island voters decide whether to subsidize the construction of a new arena to replace the dilapidated Nassau Coliseum. Maybe we should switch things up - get an arbitrator to decide if the Islanders get their new playpen, and have Long Island taxpayers foot the bill for Shea's next contract. Yeah, that'll work...

Follow after the jump for your morning dose of hockey news, to keep you busy until these stories develop further!

Nashville Predators News

Predators, Shea Weber gear up for possible salary arbitration on Tuesday - ProHockeyTalk
James brought together opinion and analysis from around the Nashville hockey blogs to set the scene for tomorrow's hearing.

Paul McCann - Deadlines Drive Deals
Paul took a chill pill last night rather than engage in speculation.

Smashville 24/7: Getting to know Blogger's Row: Amanda DiPaolo
The profile series continues, with Amanda from Inside Smashville (formerly of Predlines).

Why Mike Grier Would be a Perfect Fit in Nashville | The Predatorial
I see where Kris is going with this, as Grier does indeed play a Predators-style type of game, but I'm not sure who I'd bump off the roster for him. 

Puck and Punk: How Much Is Too Much: True North Entertainment and Canadian Militarism
It's not just Tom Benjamin who is uncomfortable with the new Jets logo.

Hockey Prospectus | Top 10 Prospects: Nashville Predators
Need something to cheer you up? Check out Corey Pronman's glowing review of Nashville's top prospects.

10 early projections for the 2011-12 NHL season -
Kevin Allen is bullish on the Preds, Blake Geoffrion in particular.

Predators hope for face-to-face rather than faceoff with Weber | Nashville City Paper
Now that each side has the written briefs from the other, will that help get a deal done or put them on a path towards confrontation?

Nashville Predators prove it's a small world - The Tennessean
It looks like they could have a pretty wicked game of street hockey in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

Around the NHL

THE ARENA REFERENDUM PLUS/MINUS Predictions, final words about Monday’s vote ·
If you thought Tuesday is a big day for the Predators, Monday is even bigger for the Islanders, who are trying to get a new arena built.

The Separation of Hockey and State - View From My Seats
Both the Islanders and Oilers are trying to gain public support for new arenas, but both are facing tough challenges there. Today's vote on Long Island is huuuuuuuge for that team.

Talking Points | Islanders' vote could have KC ramifications -
...meanwhile in Kansas City, hope flickers that perhaps the Islanders might relocate there if they can't get their new arena approved.

As Things Stand - Nucks Misconduct
The Canucks are loaded once again, and on defense, you have to wonder if former Pred Alexander Sulzer can earn a roster spot.

Magnus Pääjärvi - Keeping Lofty Company - The Copper & Blue
Edmonton's Swedish sensation had a rookie year comparable to the Mats Sundin or the Sedin twins, writes Derek. If he can follow anything close to their career development, the Oilers will have a doozy on their hands.

From the Editrix: Bobby See, Bobby Do - Anaheim Calling
Jen from SB Nation's Ducks blog stumbled into a chance to meet and talk with Bobby Ryan.

Boston Bruins' GM Peter Chiarelli's Summer of Quiet Risk | The Hockey Writers
Even fans of the Stanley Cup champs second-guess their GM's work this summer.

Mike Cammalleri's Twitter Q &A - Habs Eyes On The Prize
The Montreal forward engaged in some good conversation that's transcribed here.

The Smith Forward Ranking System - Pension Plan Puppets
An interesting deep dive that gives Patric Hornqvist some props.

Common Misconceptions About Statisitical Analysis - Houses of the Hockey
Kent takes a "just watch the game" advocate out to the woodshed.

How athletic prowess is measured -
A good overview of the different tests which are used to size up players in a variety of areas, such as endurance, speed, and power.

TSN hockey panel a stepping stone to head coaching jobs - The Globe and Mail
Bruce Dowbiggin highlights the number of guys who have turned TSN hockey analyst roles into NHL or AHL head coaching positions.

NHL JerseyWatch 2011 -
A tour around all the jersey changes taking place across the league this season.

Hockey In Switzerland- An Analysis Of The Swiss NLA | The Hockey Writers
The Swiss have the highest attendance for hockey games in Europe? Whoda thunk it?

Let Us Sell It Out - Teds Take
Ted Leonsis bangs the drum to sell tickets to the pre-season game between his Washington Capitals and the Preds in Baltimore.