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Sunday's notes: Shea Weber's arbitration cakewalk

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We knew just by looking at the figures involved that Shea Weber took the Nashville Predators to the cleaners in salary arbitration, due in part to what was obviously a half-hearted effort by the team, and its absurdly low $4.75 million proposal.

This morning's hockey links start off with a report of just how one-sided that decision really was, with an inside look at the transcript from the hearing...

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Nashville Predators News

NHL arbitrator sides with Predators' Weber -
Larry Brooks obtained the transcript from the Shea Weber arbitration hearing, and found that rather than splitting the difference between the player's and team's proposals, it was a landslide victory for Weber. Perhaps more interesting is how he used the salary for comparable players coming up this season, rather than the cap hit on their contracts. At least they've got a deal done for next year (unlike L.A. with Drew Doughty), but still, what a mess this was for the Preds.

Hockey Night in Nashville: A Tribute to Dumont, Sullivan
Just a couple years ago, those two were considered core members of the Preds' attack, and two of the more popular members of the team.

Preds On The Glass: POTG Weekend Headlines, News, and Links
Besides just hockey, Buddy has a movie review for you...

Nashville Predators prospects see Martin Gelinas as role model - The Tennessean
Hockey is quite different than football's model, in which teams can have mini-camps on multiple occasions throughout the offseason. So a guy like Gelinas is especially important, as he keeps in touch with prospects on a regular basis.

Around the NHL

In defense of Islanders’ viewing party of violence vs. Penguins - Puck Daddy
I agree with Greg's basic premise here - the Islanders goon-fest against Pittsburgh sparked some pride within their fan base, and sometimes you use whatever it takes to build momentum.

So a player called out a coach the other day....and ?? - Habs Eyes On The Prize
What to make of Andrei Kostitsyn's complaints about Jacques Martin last week?

League-Wide Free Agency Roundup - Litter Box Cats
An interesting way to look at off-season player movement on a team-by-team basis. The Preds will be relying on a lot of hope this fall...

Flames Add Scott Hannan - Matchsticks and Gasoline
Well, rats.

According to ESPN, the NHL franchises with dimmest futures - Puck Daddy
When it comes to prospect rankings, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and ESPN ranks the Preds down near the league bottom. 

Nik Kulemin and the 30 goal plateau - Pension Plan Puppets
Nikolai Kulemin, meet Sergei Kostitsyn.

Vernon Morning Star - Iginla all smiles at work
Jarome Iginla digs the parity in today's NHL, where "if you make the playoffs, literally anything can happen."

A lengthy look at icing call - The Boston Globe
Besides an analysis of what's being tested at the NHL's R&D camp, there's a bit of pondering about the Preds' ability to keep Weber long-term, and what it might take to obtain him in trade.

Buffalo Sabres: Five Bold Predictions for 2011-12 | The Hockey Writers
Optimism is riding high in Buffalo, not least due to their new ownership.