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The #10 Moment of the Nashville Predators' 2011 Playoffs: Fans give the team a hero's welcome

Earlier this summer we reviewed the Top 10 Moments of the Regular Season, and now seems a fine time to look back at the team's playoff run...

One of the most exciting aspects of the Preds' post-season was the way the entire city was paying attention to the daily developments surrounding each series, and what really drew headlines was the way that fans turned out to greet the team when they arrived back in Nashville after games on the road. There were two such instances, the first on May 1 as the Preds came back for Game 3 vs. Vancouver after splitting the opening games on the road, then again on May 8 as they returned to Smashville for Game 6.

These rallies proved to be a great opportunity for Nashville to show the hockey world just how vibrant the Preds fan base is, a welcome bit of news that many (particularly north of the border) hadn't heard before.

So tune in for Pete Weber's look (from that May 8 rally) at what it was like for the team as they disembarked...