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Wednesday's notes: Accentuate the positive

Sometimes around these parts I get accused of being too negative, and I suppose that's a hard thing to judge on what is essentially a community of Nashville Predators fans. Are writers here tasked with pumping up other fans and touting the team's Stanley Cup chances, or taking a more even-handed approach and calling out mis-steps or weaknesses when they are spotted? It's all about expectations, and I'd like to get your thoughts on that this morning.

For members of the organization, however, optimism is a critical motivating factor in the day-to-day drive to produce the best hockey team possible over the long course of the NHL season. We hear often about having a short-term memory, and focusing instead on the task at hand, no matter how disappointing a particular loss is. Goaltenders have to put a soft goal behind them as quickly as possible and get ready for the next save, etc.

So listen in as Brent Peterson spoke on the radio yesterday to a number of issues surrounding the team on and off the ice, and also touched on the positive attitude that is essential to his battle with Parkinson's, a perfect example of how that optimism can drive one's daily life:

Brent Peterson on Thom Abraham Show 20110816 (mp3)

And after the jump, your morning hockey news...

Nashville Predators News

Paul McCann - Community Impact and Randoms - New "Game" in town?
Paul gives a shout-out to three special young people that he's met through the Hockey Fights Cancer program, while noting the Predators Foundation's recent $180,000 donation to the Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt.

The Case for Andrei Kostitsyn-Predator Edition | The Predatorial
What do you think, should David Poile open up a home for wayward Belorussian hockey players?

Smashville 24/7: 2011-12 Preview: Shea Weber
Setting aside the contract controversy, the Preds will need Weber's contributions at both ends of the rink.

Summer Ranting Session- What Does Shea’s Contract Do for the Future? - Predlines
Was Shea Weber acting like a team leader by taking the Preds to arbitration? 

Summer Ranting Session- Could "The Game" Change Nashville Sports? - Predlines
Can an affiliation with the Preds help 102.5 challenge WGFX's dominance on the Nashville sports radio scene? It'll be an uphill battle, but no matter what, just having some competition will benefit listeners first and foremost.

The Anti-Thrashers: Predators continue to thrive in Nashville, showing hockey can succeed down south - NBC Sports
A profile piece celebrates how well hockey has done lately around these parts.

Around the NHL

Bleacher Report's Honest New Redesign - SportsPickle Opinion
Puuuuuuuuuuuuuure awesome-sauce.

Down Goes Brown: Rejected ideas from the NHL's research and development camp
You've gotta love this one: "As an experiment, try going an entire 60-minute game without calling the Vancouver Canucks for a single penalty, icing or offside, just to find out what they'll whine about afterwards instead."

How to Get Your Capitalsology Degree | Capitals Outsider
Fun stuff here... I really like the idea of a curriculum for hockey fans.

Video: Jeremy Roenick reenacts iconic ‘Swingers’ hockey scene - Puck Daddy
OK, this is funny...

What's so bad about a logjam on defence? - Silver Seven
Not much, really - logjams in general provide much-needed depth over the course of a season, and only rarely present an actual issue in terms of player development.

Does Montreal Need An "Enforcer"? - Habs Eyes On The Prize
This is a question we've pondered around these parts often. Personally, I hope the Preds decide not to dedicate a roster spot for a fighter.

Brett Lebda, that’s who. - The Production Line - TP:60
A good reminder that Brett Lebda has achieved a helluva lot as a hockey player, despite all the punchlines lately.

Red Wings Forwards & Shared Scoring Efficiency - Winging It In Motown
Outstanding stuff being done here, something I've always wanted to pursue if job/family/daily blogging duties ever yielded enough time!

Jonas Hiller: Ready for season, targeting All-Star Game - Puck Daddy
Vertigo is a tricky business, and Hiller was on his way to a stellar season before it got cut short.

Rangers Analysis: Making Richards Captain Would Be A Mistake - Blueshirt Banter
Yeah, giving the "C" to the high-priced free agent can be a dicey proposition.

Carolina Newcomers: A Closer Look at Tomas Kaberle - Canes Country
With a guy like Kaberle, you have to set expectations appropriately - he's not an all-around stud defenseman, but a very, very good puck mover.

Want A Job In NHL Management? Play Professionally. - The Copper & Blue

What, no bloggers?

Your Unofficial Online Resource Guide - Fantasy Hockey Scouts
A good assortment of fantasy hockey sites you should bookmark for the upcoming season.

Buyer Beware: High Shooting Percentage - Fantasy Hockey Scouts
Be smart, buy low.

The Elias Family as UNICEF Ambassadors " Michelle Kenneth's Hockey & Musings
Patrik Elias dishes out doughnuts for a great cause.

SB Nation - The 50 Best Websites of 2011 - TIME

SB Nation hits Time's ranking of Top 50 websites, but Bleacher Report made it, too, which makes me wonder how plugged in their editor really is here.