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Friday afternoon notes: Working for the weekend

Today we have a look back at how the Predators put up a fight during the playoffs, and the introduction of a new gadget which can help hockey players know when they've been hit hard enough to suffer a concussion.

But first, we have more news about the continuing development of Nashville's sports radio market, so follow after the jump for all the details...

Nashville Predators News

WNSR GM jumps to 102.5, but AM station staying put |
As the chess pieces continue moving across the Nashville radio landscape, the big news here is that afternoon host Thom Abraham will stick with 560-AM WNSR, positioning it as an "independent" sports radio station since 104.5 will have Titans games, and 102.5 will have the Preds. Can this town support three sports talk stations? I have my doubts...

Playing the Predators in the post season: What makes Nashville a tough opponent -
Continuing their Bloggers Row series, the Preds hosted a column by Amanda DiPaolo of Predlines, who shares responses from members of the Ducks and Canucks.

Preds On The Glass: Ryan Kesler Discusses Vancouver's Series Against the Predators (Original Video)
As preparation for next week's NHL Network replay of the Vancouver/Nashville series, Buddy shares an interview from the NHL Awards with Ryan Kesler.

Previewing the Predators’ forwards for 2011-12, part three… | Section 303
Jeremy's projected third line has "boom or bust" written all over it. I really hope Niclas Bergfors gets a shot at contributing, as he's the kind of shoot-first-ask-questions-later type of winger the Preds desperately need.

Smashville 24/7: 2011-12 Preview: Martin Erat
So much potential here, but can he ever put together a full, productive season?

Paul McCann - Now we do the dance of joy! Friday Notes...
Paul notes how odd it is that the Preds will be on Canadian national broadcasts as often as they'll be on Versus this season.

Preds On The Glass: POTG Friday Headlines, News, and Links
Need more hockey links to surf? Buddy's got a bushel of 'em for you.

The Slate | Admirals Roundtable
Ryan provides his take on the Milwaukee Admirals' schedule, which was announced yesterday.

Around the NHL

Can technology help hockey players deal with concussions? - Hockey Gear HQ - news, reviews & deals
A new product can help hockey players know when they've suffered a hit which could lead to a concussion, but will the sport's culture get in the way of its use?

Former Avalanche star Chris Drury retires from NHL - The Denver Post
Adrian Dater looks back at Chris Drury's time in Colorado, in light of his retirement today.

Hiller Reports He Is Symptom-Free, Ready for Camp -
Jonas Hiller's health is perhaps the biggest question regarding the Ducks roster, and if he's ready to go, they should be in good shape for another playoff spot.

Worse Defense - Edmonton or Colorado? You Make The Call. - The Copper & Blue
Teams like Vancouver and Calgary are probably licking their chops at what their Northwest competitors might have on the blueline.

Can ex-Sharks CEO Greg Jamison save the Phoenix Coyotes? - Puck Daddy
Greg Wyshynski profiles the latest suitor for the Coyotes. At least he has a history with Sun Belt hockey...

Pre-Order the Maple Street Press Penguins Annual Now - PensBurgh
Thanks to Frank for inviting me to contribute to this year's Penguins annual, in which I sing the praises of Tyler Kennedy.

Will 2011 Bring the Mark Streit of Old? - Lighthouse Hockey
After missing all of last season, Mark Streit has a chance to add some real punch from the Islanders' blueline.

Sabres Looking To Trade Rather Than Waive To Get Under The Salary Cap - Die By The Blade
Might Buffalo make a possible trading partner for the Preds? Up against the cap, they might be willing to make a "picks & prospects for some talent" type of deal.

Exploring a Promotion and Relegation System for the NHL - Puck Worlds
This would be incredibly cool, but it'll never happen. 

IAmA writer, blogger, and editor of Yahoo! Sports Puck Daddy, Greg Wyshynski - Reddit
This is pretty cool - Greg Wyshynski participated in a long Q&A with readers on Reddit, fielding questions from all over the hockey spectrum.